Stop spreading germs and getting sick


“I lost my SoapStix that I keep at work and had to use regular soap at work. Miss my SoapStix and need to get a few more! Love it – good for the kids, good for my husband at his work, good for me at my work and in my purse for everywhere. No more chemical-laden pink soap or foam soap that has triclosan in it and it is safe for my kids! Genius product!”

Jen Glass – Vancouver

“I recently discovered my new SoapStix. I love playing hockey. In most cases hockey dressing rooms and public washrooms have no hand soap in the dispensers. The SoapStix is a portable natural hand soap spray! I have it in my hockey bag and now I always wash my hands after every game or practice. My hockey gloves can get really sweaty and dirty inside. The SoapStix cleans my hands and they feel amazing.”

Gavin Crivelli –  Florida

“I’m a flight attendant with US Airways. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like using the regular airplane soap.

P.S. I LOVE your product!! I don’t know how I’m going to live without it now.

Thanks again!”

Erica, US Airways

I try to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible so when I noticed your product at The Big Carrot on Danforth Avenue, I decided to try them out. I give SoapStix top marks. “My hands feel so soft and moisturized after washing and I love the handy purse size spray format. I have returned to purchase another one as well as the refill bottle so I can keep one with me were ever I go. Congratulations! Great idea and great product!

Diane – Toronto