In today’s world with the uncertainty of harmful chemical-based public soap dispensers and germ infested environment, there is peace of mind knowing your skin and health are protected when on-the-go.

About SoapStix

In 2010, Stix Brands  introduced SoapStix, a unique all-natural hand wash spray for people on-the-go!  Allowing everyone to own a portable hand wash spray, having to never touch a contaminated public hand wash dispenser, a simple idea that could change the way people think about protecting themselves.

Portable Hand Wash

The natural solution for safe hand washing

This natural healing hand wash gently cleans and rinses easily leaving skin smooth, refreshed and moisturized. Made of 100% natural ingredients containing Extra Virgin Olive Oil that helps repair dry, cracked weathered hands. The natural glycerin and essential oils soothes sensitive skin and helps heal eczema and psoriasis.

Portable Hand & Body Lotion Spray

The Natural Solution for Safe Skin Moisturizing enriched with Orange Essential Oil

Orange Peel essential oil contains Vitamin C and antioxidant properties, that can be used to help soothe dry skin & wrinkles and rejuvenate natural skin complexion.


“I don’t use airplane soap. Consider the cheap industrial grade soap  an enemy to your hands, it’s full of chemicals that strip vital oils from your skin. My remedy for this is a SoapStix. Pen clip conveniently attaches to your uniform pocket”

Fly Guy, Dubai Airlines