Portable soap protection for health and sensitive skin

The New Healthy Way to Well Being...Naturally

Rescue & Repair Skincare Kit

With the spread of germs and viruses everywhere, we have available the perfect solution. Introducing the portable Repair Kit, for everyone to protect themselves from harmful germs and harsh chemical-based industrial soaps and sanitizers.

This Skincare Kit consists of 3 natural SoapStix sprays. If you suffer from dry skin, try using these natural SoapStix, instead of the chemical pink soap found in public washrooms in  hospitals, daycare centers, schools, airports, and public places. Avoid using public soap dispensers and mass consumer soaps that contain chemicals such as: Laurel Sulphates, Tryclosan, Benzalkonium Chloride and harsh Parabens that are harmful to your skin and health.

SoapStix are formulated with all natural ingredients. They contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to help clean, moisturize and repair dry cracked skin.

Kit contains: Lavender/ Grapefruit / Unscented

Wash hands with confidence…anywhere!

Spray On-Rinse Off
Portable Soap Sprays