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Frontline Workers are heroes

Scientists world-wide are fighting to find a vaccine to destroy COVID-19; Frontline workers are risking their lives to protect us from getting sick or dying.

We must do our part by following the guidelines, such as social distancing, frequent handwashing with soap and water, using an alcohol sanitizer when water is not available and always wear a protective mask in public places.

If we follow the rules, we can all become Frontline Heroes and save lives.

Stix Brands International has developed a Frontline Protection Kit which has 3 components:

1– portable Hand Sanitizer spray, which is ideal for spraying on public surfaces that may be contaminated, for example shopping cart handles, doorknobs, keypads, and much more. The alcohol will instantly kill germs on contact.

2-portable natural SoapStix Hand Soap sprays.  With the spread of germs and viruses, it is vital to wash hands frequently. Now you can avoid touching contaminated public soap dispensers by using your own portable Soap Stix spray.

5- approved face masks. They should be used to prevent yourself or anyone from getting sick, especially where possible airborne contamination may occur.

Portable Sanitizer, Soaps & Masks