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How to Increase Fundraising and Keep Your Supporters Safe With Stix Brands International

Now more than ever, the uncertainty of the spread of viruses and germs means parents and children are very aware of the need to protect themselves wherever they go. Washing hands regularly, especially after being out in public places and or touching outdoor playground equipment, outdoor gear, tools and high-traffic surfaces makes SoapStix a must-have for washing hands before eating or having a snack.

SoapStix are portable and can fit in pocket, purse, fanny-pack, diaper bag, school bag and back-pack. Stix Brands SoapStix products are also the ideal product in kit form for campers, hikers, bicycle tours, outdoor activities of every kind. Also perfect for going back to work and back-to-school. The products are compact, portable and available in several combinations and come in 3-packs in Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Unscented as well as bulk cartons of 24 units of each.

These kits are very well-suited as key components in your next Fundraising Campaign. It’s a natural incentive for supporters to buy in quantity, knowing that a portion of their purchase will go towards your charity.

We can help make it work as a direct fundraiser if you are holding socially distanced events, as part of your larger long term planning, or as a one-time sponsored donation from a local partner.

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    SoapStix are available with customized label designs for corporate sponsored charities.
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