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FIRST-AID Masks & Sanitizer Kit

With the spread of germs and viruses, we have available the Masks & Sanitizer Kit for frontline workers and for all who are now going back to a new normal for everyone’s personal protection.

It is vital today to be extremely careful with virus and flu spreading. When out in public places alcohol hand sanitizing is most important when soap and water are not available.  The Sanitizer Spray can also be used on public surfaces that could be contaminated, such as, shopping cart handles, doorknobs, key pads and much more. The alcohol will instantly kill germs on contact.

Masks have become the new normal. The reason for wearing them is to protect yourself and others from possible airborne germs and virus spreading.

Protective Kit consists of:
5 Disposable Masks and 3 SoapStix Sanitizers

Disposable Masks & 70% Alcohol Sanitizers

Protect yourself with confidence…anywhere!


Hygia Health is a Canadian owned and operated energetic start-up based in Vaughan Ontario that has stepped up to fill urgent demands for local, high-quality face masks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.

5 Disposable Masks

3 SoapStix Sanitizers