Portable Soap Protection…Anywhere!

Stix Brands knows how important it is to protect yourself now that everyone can start going out again and enjoying the great out-doors.

We have taken the initiative in introducing a unique self-care product so that everyone can be protected when going to such places as; camping grounds, theme parks, golf courses, travel destinations and foreign countries.

SoapStix portable soap spray is perfect for hand washing wherever your adventure takes you. With the uncertainty of the spread of germs it is vital to always protect yourself and family by washing your hands, especially after touching possible contaminated and dirty surfaces, and before eating or having a snack. SoapStix fit in pocket, purse, travel bag, fanny-pack, sports-bag, diaper bag, back-pack, golf bag and tackle box.

For your next Outdoor Adventure… order your SoapStix today and remember not to leave home without it.

Natural Hand Wash Spray

Spray On – Rinse Off

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